Very short walk from ICPR2012

Unofficial guide of ICPR2012; 2012/11/11, 01:52 JST

Tour Info

Below is the agenda of the tour.

Nov.12 Very Short Walk Tour
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Thank you for joining the Nov.12 Very Short Walk Tour at ICPR2012.
We hope your stay in Tsukuba, Japan will be fun and memorable.

Starting Place: Conference site (1st floor)
Date and Time: Nov.12, 10:00 JST ? 15:00 (estimated)
Number of Participants: 14 (as of Nov.11, 08:40)

[What you need]
about 1,400 JPY

Although the tour is within a short range from Central Tsukuba, you will walk around for long hours.
Please come with easy-walking fashion.
According to the forecast, we may have rain on Monday. So do not forget to bring rain-ware.
If you feel tired, you can quit the tour anytime you want by telling the guide to do so.
You have to go back to the hotel by yourself in that case.

The tour plan will be changed by the conditions of the day (weather, etc).
As the half day tour is not a rigidly planned tour, if all the
participants may have same request, the guide may change the tour accordingly.

==Survival Info: (If you get lost somehow ...)==
(It is a good idea to keep 2,000 JPY or so for taking a taxi as a last resort.)

[Around Conference site and Tsukuba Station]
Find the Tsukuba Station. As it is the only station here, it should be very easy.
Then you can find the way to the conference site "Epocal".

[Around IIAS Tsukuba, or wherever]
Ask guys around you to the way to "TX Station (Kenkyu-Gakuen Eki)".
It is about 5min walk between IIAS and the Station.
Then 1-stop ride of TX line will bring you to Tsukuba Station.

We hope you enjoy the tour!

Visiting Tsukuba

As you may aware, honestly speaking, there are not so much to see except for science and research issues in Tsukuba (because there were nothing there 30 years ago ...).
People have been living here more than 1,000 years around this area (yes, even a small shrine around the town may have a history more than 1,000 years!), however, unfortunately it is a bit too far from the governmental/cultural centers (Nara, Kyoto from 1000 years ago, then Edo/Tokyo, for about 400 years).

So, if you want to see world-famous cultural heritages, you have to go up to Tokyo (by Tsukuba Express line , just 45 min from Tsukuba to Akihabara ) or some where like Nikko to which we oragnize a social excursion tour on 2012/11/16.

Well, you may find that kind of information on or any guidebooks.

So, I have decided to provide a very very local information by which I hope you can feel this moment of Japan at our daily-life scenes.

Very Short Range Walk-out from the Conference Site

Some of the sites listed below will be visited by one of the half day excursions of the ICPR2012.
We welcome you to join the tour.