Mt.Tsukuba tour from ICPR2012

Unofficial guide of ICPR2012; 2012/11/15 08:25 JST

Below is the agenda of the tour.

Nov.13 Mt. Tsukuba and Tsukuba-san-Jinja Shinto Shrine
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You can take the GPS log of the tour (in GPX/KMZ format).
(You can see the log of KMZ format by Google Earth.)

Thank you for joining the Nov.13 Mt Tsukuba and Tsukuba-san-Jinja Shinto Shrine Tour at ICPR2012.
We hope your stay in Tsukuba, Japan will be fun and memorable.

Meeting Place : Information Desk, Conference site (1st floor)
Date and Time: Nov.13, by 10:00 JST
(Some are informed as 10:30, but if you can, please come by 10:00)
(The latter group will leave the conference site at 10:30)

Number of Participants: 56 (as of Nov.13, 01:57 JST)

[What you need]

We basically take the main plan below because it will be sunny tomorrow (2012/11/13).
So prepare about 3,720 JPY (per person).
Please avoid 5,000/10,000 JPY notes.
1,000 JPY notes and coins are preferable.

=(Main Plan / Walk-Plan)=
- Public Bus / 700 JPY + 850 JPY = 1,500 JPY
- Lunch / approx. 1,000 JPY
- Cable car (one way) 570 JPY
- Rope way (one way) 600 JPY
- (You walk for 15 min at the top; from Cable-car station to Rope-way station.)

=(Backup Plan / Easy-easy-Plan)=
- Public Bus / 700 JPY x 2 = 1,400 JPY
- Lunch / approx. 1,000 JPY
- Cable car (round-trip) 1,020 JPY
- (In case of bad weather / path conditions)

[Before you come]
Pleapare 1,000 JPY notes and coins.
If you are OK to have lunch at outdoors, you can bring your own lunchbox (and you can cut approx. 1,000 JPY expence at the top).
I am told that there are some tables and chairs in open-air setting (bit cold?).
If you want to have lunch inside the buildings, you need to order something (no free tables inside the buildings).

[At the starting point]
The participants who reserved the tour should receive the card on which your name and priority number (basically by the date of the reservation).
So, if we have to share something (= seats in the bus), I expect you to respect the priority numbered people. (Smaller, better.)

We will send the first half to the station at 10:00.

[The bus...]
We take public bus service.
It takes about 10 min from the conference site to the bus stop.
I am told that they usually expect about 10 people for each bus (in autumn weekday, in the morning.)
On the Tsukuba-san shuttle bus service, they run buses at every 30 minutes.
They arrange bigger buses for 10:30 and 11:00 (by our request).
So, if not a few people (about 20) do not mind standing for 36 minutes, we will go by these two buses.
(That is why we leave the conference site by 10:30.)
Otherwise, we will use the third (11:30) bus.
When we need to choose some have seats and some should keep standing, the priority number will take effect...

[itinerary / Tour plan]

(1) Bus
You will take Tsukuba-san-shuttle from Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal (Track No.1).
[1st] 10:30(Tsukuba) - 11:06 (Tsukuba-san-Jinja-Iriguchi) large bus / about 30 seats, 70 total
[2nd] 11:00(Tsukuba) - 11:36 (Tsukuba-san-Jinja-Iriguchi) large bus /about 30 seats, 70 total
[3rd] 11:30(Tsukuba) - 12:06 (Tsukuba-san-Jinja-Iriguchi) (unknown)
It costs 700 JPY (you may buy ticket at the box office there).
Pay at getting off the bus (If you do not get the ticket at the box office).
Approximately 40 minute ride (so you'd better to find seats).
Tsukuba-san Shuttle Bus
Time table of the bus

(2) Tsukuba Shinto Shrine

(3) Tsukuba-san Cale Car
8 min, from 305 meter high to 800 meter high.

(4) Top side of Mt. Tsukuba (lunch)
There are some cable-car station and observatory and coffee shops to have lunch.
On a sunny day, you can bring lunch box from Tsukuba and have lunch at open-air free area (some tables, but no roof). If you are lucky enough, you can see Mt. Fuji from here.
Ref4-1: Mt.Tsukuba
Ref4-2: Top of Mt.Tsukuba
Ref4-3: View of Mt.Fuji

(5) Apex of Mt. Tsukuba
If your group is tough, you can go up to the actual top.
Mt. Tsukuba is a twin peak mountain, and the recommendation is a Nyotai-san top (on the way to the ropeway station).

(6) Cable car? Rope way?
If you don't mind walking for 15-20 minutes, you can take rope way to go down the mountain.
The down-side is Tsutsujigaoka, where is the terminal of the Tsukuba-san Shuttle bus line (same line you take in the morning).
Or you can simply go down by Cable car.

(7) Bus
From Tsutsujigaoka, 800 yen. From Shrine, 700 yen.
Remember to pick up small white paper ticket (showing the bus stop you get on) on getting on the bus.

Tsukuba-san Jinja Iriguchi Bus stop(Entrance of Tsukuba-san Shinto shrine)
Tsukuba-san Shinto shrine
Tsukuba-san Cable car, down-side station
Tsukuba-san Cable car, mountain top station
Tsukuba-san Rope-way, mountain top station
Tsukuba-san Rope-way, down-side station "Tsutsuji-ga-oka"

The mountain top side is about 800 meter high, so please prepare warm clothes. Easy-walking fashion is needed.

If you get lost somehow, simply find Cable-car/Rope-way station (either will be OK, take close one).
DO NOT GO DOWN the mountain ON FOOT, because the both stations are about the same height.
Then, after you take cable-car/rope-way, find the Bus stop.
Don't worry, there is only one bus line.
On getting the bus, say "Tsukuba center!" and someone / bus driver will help you.
The Tsukuba center is the end of the line, so just enjoy the bus ride to the very end.

We hope you enjoy Mt Tsukuba!