Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree Tour from ICPR2012

Unofficial guide of ICPR2012; 2012/11/15, 08:25 JST

Below is the agenda of the tour.

Nov.14 Asakusa (and Tokyo Sky Tree) Tour
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You can take the GPS log of the tour (in GPX/KMZ format).
(You can see the log of KMZ format by Google Earth.)

Thank you for joining the Nov.14 Tokyo Sky Tree in Asakusa Tour at ICPR2012.
We hope your stay in Tsukuba, Japan will be fun and memorable.

Starting Place: Conference site (1st floor)
Date and Time: Nov.14, 9:20 JST - 16:15 (estimated)

Number of Participants: 42 (as of Nov.14, 08:40), with 2 guides.

[What you need]

Approx. 3,220 JPY (+ 2,000 JPY) + 1,000 JPY
- TX line (Tsukuba - Kitasenju) 1,000 JPY (one-way)
- Tobu line (Kitasenju - Oshiage) = 160 JPY
- Tokyo Sky Tree (350-meter-ticket) 2,000 JPY (if available) ***
- Lunch: Approx. 1,000 JPY (or more? Lunch at Tokyo, well ...) ***
- Sumida-gawa river boat 760 JPY
- JR line (Hamamatsu-cho - Akihabara) 150 JPY
- TX line (Akihabara - Tsukuba) 1,150 JPY


(0) Before you come up, you should do something if you are a student.
TX Tickets to Akihabara for Overseas Students
(Taken from what's now of
ICPR2012 will offer free TX-train tickets to students attending from overseas. The ICPR2012 organizers desire young overseas students come in touch with Japanese cultures at this opportunity. So, we will offer one round-trip ticket (return ticket) from/to Tsukuba-Akihabara to every overseas student at the conference site. Please do not forget to bring your Student ID when you travel to Japan.

(1) Meeting at the start point ... at *** 9:20 *** please.

(2) Tsukuba - Kitasenju - Oshiage
We first take Tsukuba eXpress (TX) to Kitasenju.
We change train at Kitasenju to Tobu line, so be careful!
On Tobu line, we will go up to Oshiage (the closest station to Tokyo Sky Tree).

(3) Tokyo Sky Tree ... little chance to the top
As the reserved tickets have all one, we try to get same-day tickets (limited availability).
If we can sucessfully get tickets at the box office, we will go up the tree.
Otherwise, we have 20-30 minutes to look the Tokyo Sky Tree from the bottom.

(4) Moving to Asakusa
It will be 1.6 km from Tokyo Sky Tree to Asakusa.
We may take Tobu line (140 JPY), or walk up to Asakusa.
On the way to Asakusa, we will go cross over the Sumida-gawa river.

(5) Kaminari-mon gate and Senso-ji temple.
We will stop by at the famous Kaminari-mon Gate and Asakusa Senso-ji temple.
It is a very popula sightseeing plance (you may find here at any travel guide books).
We also have lunch aroun here.
If you want to leave the tour, the guide will tell you where the TX-Asakusa station is.

(6) Sumida-gawa river-boat tour (optional)
At 13:40, we will take river-boat on Sumidagawa and enjoy water-view of Tokyo for 40 minutes.
Ref: (Sumida river line)
The boat tour will end at Hinode pier.
Then we will walk up to Hamamatsu-cho of JR line in 10 minutes.

(7) Hamamatsu-cho to Akihabara, then Tsukuba
We take JR line to Akihabara.
Then, at Akihabara, if you want to leave the tour, of course you can.
Change to TX, and get back to Tsukuba.


Get to any stations of Tsukuba eXpress (TX) line.
At Asakusa, find the TX-Asakusa station. There are some OTHER Asakusa stations, so be really careful.
(If you get to wrong Asakusa staiton, tell staffs "Tsukuba Express, Asakusa station". They will tell you the way.)
(TX Asakusa is 400 meter away from Kaminari-mon and the river.)
(Non-TX Asakusa / wrong station is close to Kaminarimon and the river. Do not use that station.)
At any other place, if you cannot find the route to TX stations, then the basic idea is to find the route to "Tokyo" station, then take JR to "Akihabara", and change to TX line.
There are many lines and stations in Tokyo (even for me, they are still very confusing...), you may become nervous, but remember, any stations / any lines in Tokyo are safe. Enjoy detour and extra ride :-).

We hope you enjoy Asakusa and Tokyo!
Do not remember, ICPR2012 banquet at Tsukuba starts at 19:30 on this day!