Tsukuba Science City

Unofficial guide of ICPR2012; 2012/11/16, 06:22 JST

Below is the agenda of the tour.

Nov.15 Tsukuba Science City
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You can take the GPS log of the tour (in GPX/KMZ format).
(You can see the log of KMZ format by Google Earth.)

Thank you for joining the Nov.15 Tsukuba Science City.
We hope your stay in Tsukuba, Japan will be fun and memorable.

Starting Place: Conference site (1st floor)
Date and Time: Nov.15, 10:00 JST - 16:00 (estimated)

Number of Participants: 19 (as of Nov.14, 15:00)

[What you need]
- About 260 JPY (local bus to JAXA)
- Lunch (600 - 800 JPY) ***
- (260 JPY for return)


Due to the number of people (getting larger than expected), we have to change the tour plan.
(Group tour is allowed only in the afternoon.)

(1) Tea ceremony
At 3rd floor (Room 305-306 of Japanese Room), we have a tea ceremony.
They will tell you how to have a tea, so don't worry about that.

(2) Local bus to JAXA
We will take Bus.
About 10 minutes, about 260 JPY (or less).
Ref: 1 .

(3) JAXA
JAXA at Tsukuba has a operation center of Japanese space activities.
We may have lunch there (or we will have lunch at Tsukuba area before we go to JAXA).
The tour of JAXA is assigned to 13:00. We will see the 1:1-scale Japanese rocket model and some satellites launched by Japan.

(4) JAXA to AIST
About 10 - 15 min walk from JAXA to AIST.
Actually, these two big institutes are set side by side.

(5) AIST
AIST at Tsukuba is one of the biggest national research institute in Japan.
We will visit Science Square Tsukuba and Geological Museum.

(6) AIST to Tsukuba Center
We will use a bus service.
If the schedule meets, we could take free shuttle service of AIST.


If you get lost where you are away from Tsukuba Center...
1. find any bus stop
2. Tell a bus driver "Tsukuba Center!", as most of the bus lines goes to Tsukuba.
3. If the the bus driver say No, probably you are at reverse side. Change the side and try step 2. again.

We hope you enjoy Asakusa and Tokyo!
Do not remember, ICPR2012 banquet at Tsukuba starts at 19:30 on this day!