Kameda's Lecture Archive

Japanese , Kameda's Lectures www.kameda-lab.org (2013/05/01)

Well, I'm working on e-learnig and archive for long years.
Probably now is the time to start the long-lasting, hopefully permanent service.
(So long as I can have a time to do this...)

Year(link) # lectures Total content
2013 3 xx:xx:xx In Tsukuba campus
2012 36 72:59:47 In Tsukuba campus
2011 46 83:21:06 In Tsukuba campus
2010 43 80:10:40 In Tsukuba campus
2009 42 72:25:55 In Tsukuba campus
2008 8 18:51:16 In Tsukuba campus

I guess this site was one of the largest HDTV lecture video archives in the world (no, I'm not kidding) at the beginning (as of Apr. 2010), including OCW, You-Tube videos, etc.