Japanese , Album , Home (2002/01/06)

- Ski in Cannon Mountain
- 30 min from Campton ?
- Skylight, Profile, Red Ball were closed, others were open.
- Sometimes a little grass and a few stones

- Dinner at Brown Suger Cafe near Boston University

- Videoes are :
- dscf7620.avi (J) 20 sec
- dscf7641.avi (E) 21 sec
- dscf7642.avi (Ikko and J) 22 sec
- dscf7644.avi (J) 16 sec

dscf7593 dscf7594 dscf7595 dscf7596 dscf7597 dscf7598 dscf7599 dscf7600 dscf7601 dscf7602 dscf7603 dscf7604 dscf7605 dscf7606 dscf7607 dscf7608 dscf7609 dscf7610 dscf7611 dscf7612 dscf7613 dscf7614 dscf7615 dscf7616 dscf7617 dscf7618 dscf7619 dscf7621 dscf7622 dscf7623 dscf7624 dscf7625 dscf7626 dscf7627 dscf7628 dscf7629 dscf7630 dscf7631 dscf7632 dscf7633 dscf7634 dscf7635 dscf7636 dscf7637 dscf7638 dscf7639 dscf7640 dscf7643 dscf7645 dscf7646 dscf7647 dscf7648 dscf7649 dscf9436

dscf7620.avi (00:19, 3348120 bytes)
dscf7641.avi (00:20, 3357450 bytes)
dscf7642.avi (00:21, 3450536 bytes)
dscf7644.avi (00:15, 2389852 bytes)

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