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Documents of Computers and Networks

[Japanese] / Kameda, Other Members, Minoh Lab 2000/06/27
I present documents here that are related to my research, lectures, KUIS (department of Information Science, Kyoto University), IMEL (Integrated Media Environment Experimental Laboratory), and KUDPC (Kyoto University Data Processing Center).
4th Experiment and Exercise (CG) [Japanese]
I am responsible for this course.
CIMS information
Let me serve information I can obtain in CIMS.
KUIS Network Hardware [Japanese]
Information about LAN Connection between KUIS and KUINS
KUIS Network Hardware (KUINS-II/ATM) [Japanese]
KUINS-II/ATM is one of the largest ATM Network in the world, maybe the largest.
KUIS IP address map [Japanese]
IP management in KUIS.
Mystery of IMEL
Human Media Experiment Room
The room locates at the ground floor in the KUIS building.
SCS Project
SCS means Space Collaboration System.
BSDI-OS install [Japanese]
I tried installing BSDI-OS for new www.{kuis|imel}
Secret Service in KUDPC
There are many many mysterious services available at KUDPC.
How to make UTP cable
10BaseT/100BaseT(Straight,Cross), ATM-UTP Cable and so on.
Minoh Lab Computer Environment
You can know all the systems in Minoh Lab.
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