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Yoshinari KAMEDA Japanese
Yoshinari KAMEDA

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CIMS Dept. information science Graduate school of Informatics Kyoto University
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Welcome to Kameda's page. I moved to this lab from Ikeda lab in April 1996. As I am working on computer science, I think it's my duty to open my knowledge on WWW.
I am a visiting scientist at AI lab in MIT from May 2001 to March 2002.
I have started to move onto this private domain. Check it out!

What's New
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My Official Profile and Private Profile
The official profile is translated from `Souran' document written in Japanese .
I am interested in multiple-camera control for shooting a event in a room, 3D shape and color reconstruction of the object in the scene, image understanding using a 3D articulated object model, etc. This link takes you to my research documents, which includes VRML and MPEG files.
Information about Computers and Networks
CIMS, KUIS LAN, Human Media, SCS, etc...
Please don't ask me what are there.
My Old Home Page
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I prepared 30,786 html files below this top page... but most (25,411) of them are photoes, and rests are often written only in Japanese. Thank you.
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