Intelligent Filming and Video Media Handling

[Japanese], Research Index, Nakamura Lab, CVIM Lab, 2005/04/12


Interaction between people and media will be a major issue in order to establish rich and intelligent society. This project deals with intelligent automated filming, video media processing, understanding, and retrieving.

Automated capturing and editing on multiple views for conversation scenes

Multi-camera Filming We propose a noble system that not only automatically control pan-tilt-zoom cameras so as to take various video streams in conversation scenes, but also intelligently edit one video stream that is well describe the context of the conversation.


Please check related papers/artcles in the list.

Join us!

If you are interested in joining this research topic, please contact Prof. Nakamura or Kameda. [2005/04/12]


The project itself has been conducted for years. I have been engaged in this project since 2003/04/01.

Leader :
Yuichi Nakamura

Researchers :
Yuichi Ohta (199?-)
Yoshinari Kameda (2003-)

Students :
Motoyuki Ozeki (199?-)
Ryo Ogata (2002-2004)
Takahiro Koizumi(2002-)
Takuya Kosaka(2002-2004)
Yosuke Tsubuku(2002-2004)
Takashi Nishizaki(2003-2004)
Takashi Hattori(2003)
Haruyoshi Yamamoto(2003)