Kameda's Research Index

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Research Themes

You can see brief description of my research topics here.
As year figures indicates the period I engages(ed), they don't mean the project's lasting period. [Related sites]
  1. CVIM Lab, University of Tsukuba
  2. Minoh Lab, Kyoto University


Research Career

I'm working at University of Tsukuba since 2003/04/01.
  1. 1991/04-1996/03:
    Under/Master/Ph.D student in Ikeda Lab in Department of Information Science, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University.
    My advisor was Prof. Katsuo IKEDA.)
  2. 1996/04-2003/03:
    Researcher (Joshu/assistant prof.) in Minoh Lab in Academic Center of Media Computing and Multimedia Studies (once named as Center for Information and Multimedia Studies), Kyoto University.
    My director was Prof. Michihiko MINOH.
  3. 2001/05-2002/03:
    Visiting Scholar in AI Lab, MIT.
    Work with Prof. Eric Grimson and Prof. Trevor Darrel.
  4. 2003/04-now:
    Assitant professor in CVIM Lab at University of Tsukuba.
    Working with Prof. Yuichi OHTA, Assoc. Prof. Yuichi NAKAMURA, and Assist. Prof. Yasuhiro MUKAIGAWA. Assoc. Prof. Nakamura moved to Kyoto University in April 2004.
    Assist. Prof. Itaru KITAHARA joined our Laboratory in April 2005.

kameda [at] ieee.org