Viewpoint-Free 3D Video for Large-Scale Space

[Japanese], Research Index, CVIM Lab, 2004/06/30


Noble 3D visualization methods have been proposed in order to provide users give a freedom to fly over a space where human activities are conveyed.

Free Viewpoint Browsing of Live Soccer Games

Soccer 3D video Multiple viewers over computer network can browse a live soccer games from any viewpoint, and each viewer can move his/her viewpoint freely.
Our 3D video display system requires a reasonable bandwidth (less than 10Mbps). We conducted experiments at two real soccer stadiums and succeeded in realizing live realistic visualization with free viewpoint at about 26 fps.


Please check related papers/artcles in the list.

Join us!

We welcome researchers/students who are interested in this topic and think to join our research projects. Discussions and brainstormings are also welcomed. [2004/06/13]


The project itself has been conducted for years. I have been engaged in this project since 2003/04/01.

Leader :
Yuichi Ohta

Researchers :
Yuichi Ohta (199?-)
Yoshinari Kameda (2003-)
Yasuhiro Mukaigawa (2003-)

Students :
Takayoshi Koyama (2003-), hicham bouchnaif (2003-)
Keita Maeda (2003)
Naobumi Nomura (2004-), Koichiro Hashimoto (2004-)