NaviView: Visual Assistance for Drivers by Utilizing External Cameras

[Japanese], Research Index, CVIM Lab, 2004/06/30


Safe transportation is one of our goals to be achieved in our society. ITS(Intelligent Transport Systems) technology has been developped to realize safe transportation.
We propose enhanced vision technologies for car driving. We utilize roadside cameras to enhance driver's vision and our key ideas can produce seemless synthesized images to drivers. We call our approaches NaviView.

Virtual Mirror (Visual Assistance on Intersections with Blind Spots)

Virtual Mirror Normal mirrors are useful to see blind spots on interactions. However, their ability is limited under physical laws. We propose virtual mirror that can overcome physical limitations and can provide extended views for blind spots.


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We welcome researchers/students who are interested in this topic and think to join our research projects. Discussions and brainstormings are also welcomed. [2004/06/13]


The project itself has been conducted for years. I have been engaged in this project since 2003/04/01.

Leader :
Yuichi Ohta

Researchers :
Yuichi Ohta (199?-)
Yoshinari Kameda (2003-)
Yasuhiro Mukaigawa (2004-)

Students :
Kazuhiro Kojima (2003)
Fumihiro Taya (2003-)
Akihiko Satoh