Ver.530/540: Casper Cartridge (2013 Summer)

Japanese, Casper Cartridges, (2014/01/24)


Casper Cartridge is a USB memory stick by which you can boot a PC as live linux. You can play AR and MR programs that have been compiled on the casper cartridge.
This document describes the procedure to cook a USB memory stick to a Casper Cartridge.
Casper Cartridge Ver.5 (2013 Summer) only supports Intel 64bit (amd64) Ubuntu linux only.

Version 550 was scheduled to be released by Dec. 2013, but due to OpenCV (3.0.0-dev) problem that affects AR/MR programs, we are waiting for OpenCV to be revised. Sorry for the delay.

Version 5 (2013 Summer)

The Ver.5XY means that X shows the catgory and Y shows the update.
When you see different X, it does not mean "larger, better".
When you see different Y, please take larger one.

Change Log
casper-rw for Ver.530/8GB has shrinked (to fit some "small" 8GB memory stick).
URL error fixed [2013/07/10] we are very sorry for having been missing file links.
Ver.540 Released [2013/07/05] for ordinary PCs
Ver.530 Released [2013/07/01] for PCs with Nvidia (CUDA) GPU

Casper 5 version list (2013 Summer)
Version 530 530 530RC3 540 540 540RC2
Required USB size 16GB 8GB 8GB 16GB 8GB 8GB
CasperFS zip:3,936,506,957 bytes
zip:3,794,270,105 bytes
casper-rw 2.4GB available in 4GB(*1)
zip:1,802,796,032 bytes
1.7GB available in 3.3GB(*1)
zip:1,302,699,194 bytes
fully available(*1,*2)
(500MB - 3338MB)
2.2GB available in 4GB
zip:1,042,501,115 bytes
1.7GB available in 3.5GB
zip:1,035,291,754 bytes
fully available(*2)
(500MB - 3587MB)
Base UBuntu 12.4.2 LTS desktop amd64
OS 64bit
Nvidia driver(*3) 319.21 - - -
CUDA(*3) CUDA 5.5RC - - -
PCL git clone on 2013/06/26
git clone on 2013/07/02
OpenCV git clone on 2013/06/26
- git clone on 2013/07/02
OpenNI main x64-v1.5.4.0
OpenNI NITE x64-v1.5.2.21
XBox Kinect Driver x64-v5.1.2.1
Prime Sense Driver (Xtion) Yes (from PCL)
ARToolKit 2.7.21 (64bit compile) - 2.7.21 (64bit compile)
ARToolKitPlus 2.3.0 - 2.3.0
PTAM r114 + OpenCV video input method - r114 + OpenCV video input method
PTAMM v1.3 + OpenCV video input method - v1.3 + OpenCV video input method
PTAM Edgelets
(another video)
ver.2013/02/28 + OpenCV video input method - ver.2013/02/28 + OpenCV video input method
Uchiyamarkers 2.0 ver. 2011/11/04 - ver. 2011/11/04
libsvm ver. 3.17 - ver. 3.17
liblinear ver. 1.93 - ver. 1.93
Open CL 2012 (3.0.67279) - 2012 (3.0.67279)
Java SUN Java
eclipse - - - IDE for C/C++ Developpers, Juno SR2, Build-ID 20130225-0426 -
qtcreator - - - 2.4.1 (Based on Qt 4.8.0 / 64bit) Built on 2012/05/21,22:53:22 -
Ruby - - - 1.9.1
Libre Office
TexLive2013 - - - o -
Display Japanese o
Input Japanese - - - o
Other apps. python, gnuplot, meld, R, mencoder, ffmpeg, guvcview, xawtv, gpsbabael, wget, nkf, ...
Other libs. libqt4, GLUT(freeglut), libusb, libv4l, ...

300 MB will be spent if you install Nvidia driver.

Casper-rw could be set from 0MB to 4089MB. You need 16GB to set 4089MB.
Clean 4089MB casper-rw can be obtained here: zip:150,656 bytes, md5)
On making casper-rw of your preferred size, do not excess the ranges on setting the size of persistent file at UUI.

You can run ver.530* on a non-Nvidia PC, but CUDA programs cannot be executable.
You cannot activate Nvidia Optimus by any Casper Cartridge (Intel i915 driver comes up).

Old (and other) versions could be accesible this link.



Use it at your own risk.
The softwares on the casper cartridges are subject to the original authors.
Please read the copyright notice of each software before you use it.